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Ten years ago I was alerted to the current apostacy, when the "Toronto Blessing" overtook a congregation that I had previously attended in the Okanagan. Through the need to research it, to give answers to a friend that I had been discipling there, I came to the early conclusion that it was a terrible but temporary fad that was affecting Charismatic churches. But, in the intervening ten years I have come to see that rather than merely a (foolish and disgraceful) fad, it had become the catalyst for the launching of the apostate Church, with tentacles now reaching (behind the scenes) into even normally conservative churches in our own city of Abbotsford. So... who am I? I guess you might call me a reluctant watchman. I bring you this information not because I am a prophet or teacher, but because by the providence of God I have been made aware of a scheme of the evil one, and it behooves me to warn my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunday, March 11, 2007

After reading the sad tale of Brad Jersak's slide away from believing the Bible is the Word of God, on his blog

I couldn't help but wonder if the reason for Brad Jersak's fall, (as well as most of the others listed on this page) wouldn't best be explained by Paul Washer in this video. Take some time to listen it is a sobering message.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Can I go off topic (a little) to tune you in to a radio program (and minstry) that will both inform you, train you and at the same time entertain you. Check it out by clicking the link below, Todd the host is always up to date on the latest winds of doctrine blowing through the Church, he is quite humorous and delightful. And for free you will learn how to share your faith like you never imagined you were capable.

The Way of the Master

Saturday, March 03, 2007

12. The ACLN have replaced Ray Cymbaluk, Roland Balzer and Justyn Rees with Bev Peters (of Northview -showing that they afirm women in the ultimate position of leadership over men (IE. in a position of leadership over all the pastors in town) -showing complete contempt for the Scriptures.

Christoph Reiners (of Peace Lutheran Church) and Trevor Walters.

Trevor Walters would be the rector of the very charismatic St. Matthews Anglican church (the church where Todd Bentley got his start). And where they offer Taize Worship services (think Catholic mysticism), and are known for sponsoring conferences where soaking prayer (interpreted; literally lying around forcing yourself into some altered state of consciousness whereby you then experience being soaked by some mystical presence believed to be the "Spirit of God") and "prophetic" ministry are prominent.

The ACLN now has a web page, where under their links page they show no shame in listing Todd Bentley's Fresh Fire Ministries.

and holding one of their interchurch unity services at St. Ann's Catholic Church As if the Roman Catholic Church was no longer teaching salvation by faith plus works, or veneration of the "Virgin" Mary, or that Jesus is re-sacrificed in the Mass, etc. and was now a legitimate church that we could unite with without compromising the truth of the Gospel.

Then again, with the flimsy doctrinal statement on their page, just about anything would go wouldn't it? Tell me that a Jehovah's witness or a Mormon couldn't agree to that. Is Jesus God, or is He just a son of God as the Jehovah's witnesses believe Him to be?

We believe in the forgiveness of sins, HOW? Faith and indulgences? works? Absolution by the church? Knocking on doors? Bleeding?

We believe in the Holy Spirit? What do you believe about Him/it? Is it a force that Rodney Howard Browne can dispense to people like beer. Is it an electrical force like the Jehovah's witnesses believe?
I was reading on about how low doctrinal statements are going, and their low was Joel Osteens Church with only a 206 words in their doctrinal statement. Well, the ACLN beats them out with only 111.

That is the kind of a doctrinal statement that you put together when you don't want a UNITY that would be hindered by anything so divisive as Biblical TRUTH.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A few updates have been made, some of the sites I had links to have moved others had been removed. Other updates are in red.

Friday, May 05, 2006

11. Here is the Transformation Lower Mainland chart that I had previously mentioned (the one that had been removed from the net). The only way that I could keep the page legible was to load it in 4 parts, sorry for it's unsightlyness.

For those of you who took the time to peruse the Transformation pages this page is rather telling, is it not?

The words, "last step" tell me that there is an agenda behind the Love Abbotsford events, the community wide Alpha's, the united prayer, and pastor's retreats. And in the background you can hear the laughter of the Toronto Blessing, and feel the grip of the City Wide New Apostolic Church tightening.

In His Service, A. Berean

Friday, April 14, 2006

10. There are a few topics that I feel are important to touch on before I expound further on topics already covered. One of these is the "contemplative" prayer/spiritual formation/emergent church movement".

It has been described by another as "liberalism clothed in the garment of mysticism", as to varying (and progressive) degrees the Scriptures are downplayed and mystical experiences are elevated. The bottom line being promoted is that the Scriptures are NOT sufficient, we need continuous extra-Biblical revelation. This in spite of the fact that Scripture itself teaches us that the man of God who has the Scriptures is "FULLY EQUIPPED". 2 Tim 3:16,17

Prayer is us talking to God, the Scriptures are God speaking to us. And not the other way around. This is an important distinction, one that many claim to believe in theory, but too few in practice.

Because the false ecumenical movement has eroded the seperation between Biblical Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church, the leaders in the "contemplative prayer" movement have been emboldened to borrow heavily from the Catholic mystics. These ancient mystics were engaging in such occultic practices as what is now commonly known as "transcendental meditation". IE. repeating some word or phrase to yourself until you reach an "altered state of consciousness" by which you are now open to hear from "God". (anything that comes into your head would be believed to be coming from God, after all when you are feeling like you are in such a spiritual state, it would just have to be God). This, according to it's proponents is "contemplative prayer" Of course it is nothing of the sort it is TM in sheep's clothing even if the word or phrase was taken from the Bible.

Some names to avoid at House of James would include,
Dan Kimball,
Erwin McManus,
Brian McLaren, Richard Foster,Mark Yaconelli, Brad Jersak for a few.

A few months back a church that I was at had invited Brad Jersak of Fresh Wind church of Aldergrove to speak. After Jersak's opening observation that the Church was very brightly lit, he went on to give us some strange mystical reason for it. (it seemed lost on him, that perhaps the church was very brightly lit because there were lots of light bulbs going). After an intro. like that I must admit I was kinda wondering who had found this speaker and where?

His message twisted off from the words of Jesus, "my sheep hear my voice", to imply that all Christians should be hearing God talk to them personally and regularly. It also seemed lost on Brad that the verse, "my sheep hear my voice and the voice of another they will not follow", was referring to false teachers like himself who would be trying to call the sheep after himself, and not at all that we should be hearing from God outside of His Word.

The message ended with the congregation instructed on how to personal prophecy over each other and then were teamed up to practice. People give your head a shake, God does not deliver on command. IF God were to speak to us (and it is not impossible, just unlikely) He does it according to His perogative, NOT ours.

Unfortunatly, both Columbia Bible College and Briarcrest have failed to be discerning and have invited Brad Jersak in as a guest speaker. At Briarcrest Jersak went so far as to introduce himself as "an Ambassador for the Renewal" (translated that means a promoter of the Toronto Blessing).

Briarcrest even though it is not in Abbotsford is still a place where many of our youth are encouraged to attend. But they need to tred carefully, Marv Penner is strongly promoting the "contemplative prayer" movement and Catholic mysticism at Briarcrest in his Spiritual Formation class.

UPDATE: I was told by a friend that they have made headway in getting the contemplative prayer/spiritual formation teaching out of Briarcrest, I have no way of confiming this, as the first step that Briarcrest did was to remove any reference to the subject from the internet. So, as with anything these days go with your eyes and ears open.

I acknowledge that I have not done much research on how much headway this movement has made in the Churches of Abbotsford. At they have many resources to help you to become better informed so as to protect the flock under your care. They even have a special "Canada Watch page (just add /canadawatch.htm to the above URL).

In His service, A. Berean

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

9. A question that you will have to answer for yourself for the sake of the following blog is;

Is it right to sin against God in order to do a good deed for someone?

In our more rational moments we would quickly answer "No" to this question. The Kingdom of our gracious and Holy God is not pragmatic (what works). God's Word commands us to have nothing to do with false teachers he does not qualify that statement with "...unless it is to cooperate with them in order to perform a good deed". God requires obedience not sacrifice.

Many Christians are being encouraged to cooperate with Street Hope in their outreach to the street people of Abbotsford. While there is little question that Christians should feel compassion for those whose lives are devastated by the consequences of sin, is Streethope the means that we would want to use to reach out to these people?

Streethope is run by David Denault, who, according to the 2004 Registered Charities Information is a director of Resurrection Life Church (RLC) of Abbotsford. Street Hope is listed as one of RLC's Partner's in Ministry on the page by that name.

In the doctrinal statement of RLC rather than referring to the Holy Spirit as the third Person in the Trinity, proceeding from the Father and the Son, of the same substance and equal in power and glory,.. etc. (Or something of a similar solid theological construct).
Instead the third person of the trinity is described in such fluffy and frivilous terms as "A River of Living Water flowing from the throne of heaven, poured upon all who are thirsty, bringing life wherever the Spirit flows, empowering the church as a witness, and refreshing the believer in the presence of God".

One area that their doctrinal statement did not wish to be vague in is in stating that "We believe that all manner of healing is found in the redemptive work of Christ".

Here are a couple of photos of Dave Denault leading a "Jericho March" with flags and a shofar around the building owned by Global Harvest Church of Abbotsford. The purpose of such a march is unclear but likely related to the bizarre teaching of spiritual warfare that is making the circuit. (IE. that we need to do special prayer marchs and rituals like waving the right flags and blowing the shofar to chase the devil out of our town).

On the web page of RLC is this photo with the following explanation. as to why they blow the shofar (ram's horn).

Because, “it is the most terrifying sound in the enemies ears is the sound of the shofar. Every time a shofar blows the devil doesn’t know if it’s one of us, or Gabriel himself blowing that last trump of God. When shofars are blown they blow confusion into the enemies camp –every time. and not just that it also “calls forth angelic armies into the kingdom to fight against the powers of darkness”

This signed author of this teaching is“Prophet” Bill Yount himself, (one of the Elijah list prophets), who verifies that when he tried to practice blowing one, he saw “angels descending …” and God told him that “when you blow it, it will be Me blowing, because I live in you.”

The founder of RLC and the current chairman of the board is a man named Ace Clark, who is currently pastoring Joshua Centre in Ontario. A quick browse through his web pages, leads one to the same mishmash of women with "prophetic annointings", their youth page links them to the Toronto Blessing (TACF), Ancient Paths seminars, Christians should be raising the dead. etc.

Are they starting to sound just a little unstable to you?

RLC is currently sharing a building with Faith Bible Church (FBC) of Abbotsford.

FBC is also one of Street Hope's shelters, and the Word of Faith pastor of FBC, Brad Collins is one of Street Hope's contact people for their "out of the cold program"

Faith Bible Church is a Kenneth Copeland Canada affiliated ministry.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Word of Faith heretic Kenneth Copeland, let me share a quote or two from this man who is the most famous name in Word of Faith circles next to the late Kenneth Hagin.

Adam was God manifested in the flesh. (Following the Faith of Abraham, Tape #01-3001)
God is approximately 6’2” to 6’3” tall …God weights approximately 200 lbs. (Spirit, Soul and Body; Tape “01-0601)
Any Old Testament prophet could have attoned for our sins if they knew what Jesus knew. (Substitution and Identification)
Jesus existed only as an image in the heart of God, until such time as the prophets of the Old Testament could positively confess Jesus into existence through their constant prophecies. (The Power of the Tongue, pp. 8-10)

You get all this free for ministering at Street Hope. When people are touched by your ministry at Street Hope do you think they are going to track you down and look you up, or are they going feel beholding to Street Hope. Who's doctrine are they going to be led to follow, yours or Street Hope's? So, by ministering at the Street Hope soup kitchen you may help to take some person off the street and into a cult.

There are alternatives, one that I by far prefer is too carry McDonald's gift certificates with me, and when I encounter a street person, or I go out of my way to find a street person, I can offer them some certificates along with a tract by Jay Adams, (when appropriate). What Do You Do When you Know That You're Hooked? Which introduces them to Jesus Christ and His way out of life dominating problems. So, that they can put off the old ways and put on the new, joining those victorious of 1 Cor. 6:9-11.

Or get your Church together to make cheese wiz and/or peanut butter sandwiches, that those gifted in evangelism can hand out?

A. Berean

Monday, March 20, 2006

8. I am about to put another sacred cow into the meat grinder. Please don't think I do this gleefully, I am no stranger to the pain (and denial) that comes from having a much cherished person or institution fall into apostacy.

Trinity Western University has fallen into the liberal trap of higher criticsm. A REQUIRED COURSE for any student who wishes a degree from TWU is their New Testament course.
The text for this course is Bart D. Ehrman's book, The New Testament. A Historic Introduction to the Early Christian Writings. (3rd Edition)

I strongly urge you before you send any of your young people to TWU, that you go to the TWU on campus library (the back section where they sell their textbooks) and pull this off the shelf, sit down and browse through it.

I'll share one opening paragraph from the book (chapter 3), to give you a taste of what you will be encountering.

People who read the New Testament Gospels today generally assume that those books tell stories about Jesus simply as they happened. But is that true? None of those writers claims to be an eyewitness. And they wrote their accounts decades after the fact in a different language (Greek) fromt the one Jesus spoke (Aramaic).
Were did these writers get their stories? Did they simply drop out of the sky? Were they passed down by stenographers who followed Jesus and recorded everything he said and did? Did they come from notes taken by his disciples on their journeys? From somewhere else?
This chapter will argue that the Gospels ultimately go back to oral traditions -- that is, stories about Jesus told by word of mouth, year after year after year, in different times and places, mainly by people who had not been there to see any of these things happen. Moreover, it will maintain that stories like this tend to change in the process of retelling over time, with some stories actually being made up.
Did this happen with the traditions about Jesus? (emphasis mine)

I met with one of the professors who is teaching this course (Mr. Hatina), the dean of the department (Mr. Burkinshaw) and the chair of the department (Mr. Abegg). I had gone to them in the hopes that this book was going to be used by them to prepare the youth against such an onslaught of liberalism. However, I was greatly dissapointed to find that the professor and the chair were committed to this view of the Scriptures (as represented by Ehrman's book) and though it appeared that the dean of the department was NOT of such a persuasion, he indicated that he felt comfortable in their comradeship and trusted them (a serious dereliction of duty both to God and to the integrity of the university).

This from a university that has already embraced evolution by several of it's faculty in the science department and teaches psychology and Renovare (Catholic mysticism) in it's counseling department.

I think that John McArthur's Master's University in sunny California would be a welcome alternative for our youth. (even though I am not personally a Calvinist -it is where I would recommend my own).

In His service, A. Berean

Friday, March 17, 2006

7. Someone wrote to ask if I was aware that Korky Neufeld was a school trustee. No, (I'd heard he was running) but I wouldn't make much of it, I probably would have voted for him myself. His decision to serve may or may not have something to do with a dominion mandate.

I might even find at some point in time that the Christian Heritage Party would be the wisest way to cast my vote, even though it's party leader, Ron Gray, is an elder at Global Harvest. I'm guessing that his candidacy probably has everything to do with a dominion mandate.

There are very different standards to follow in choosing civil authorities, as compared to Christian authorities, it is the latter which concerns me in these posts.

In His service, A. Berean

6. This next subject I am finding difficult to know how to start, not wanting to alienate readers. (In my experience people don't appreciate you making hamburger out of their sacred cows). However, the Canada Wide Alpha Initiative has some flies in the ointment. In the B.C. Christian Info News a small article appeared informing us that the intercessors for Watchmen for the Nations had joined with Alpha Canada to promote city-wide Alpha courses across Canada. Who is this "Watchman for the Nations"?

Watchman for the Nations (WFTN) "is a group of Canadian Christian leaders from diverse streams who walk together "to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church"". To clarify, WFTN hosts "gatherings" where they believe they are appeasing God's wrath for the various sins of Canadians, if successful they believe that Canada will then be spiritually open for revival. In order to know what needs appeasing, what acts of penitence are required, and to what degree God has been appeased they rely on prophets such as Cindy Jacobs (remember that name?) the notorious Kansas City prophets and others).

WFTN is led by David Demian who attends Church of Zion in Burnaby. (A church that boasts on it's web page of receiving the power to perform gold filling miracles after attending services at the Toronto Blessing).

An example of one of WFTNs gatherings would be the Gathering of the Nations held at Whistler 1995. This gathering was in penitence for the sins committed against the first nations people of Canada and Hawaii. Involved in the meeting were such men as Bob Jones and Reuven Doren (of Kansas City Notoriety) and NAR "apostle" Alistair Petrie.

WFTN mixes quite freely with apostates of all colors. Including the very dangerous New Life Fellowship in Kelowna. (alias New Life Vineyard -rumors in apostacy circles is that the Vineyard Fellowship of Churches kicked them out, but in actuality they chose to leave "on their own", before the hammer came down). This is the church that "Extreme Prophetic" Patricia King ministers out of. Two of New Life's pastors are Wes and Stacey Campbell. At least one of WFTN gatherings were held at New Life, and they are frequently teamed up together with the Campbells at apostate meetings.

Stacey Campbell is a colorful woman. I have a few videos of her "prophesying" while shaking her head violently from side to side, (in one video she shakes her head for 4 minutes) it is a real eye-opener. That people can witness this without the thoughts, new age, demon possessed, occult, etc. coming to mind is beyond my ability to grasp.

Her husband, Wes, is an apostle in Wagner's International Coalition of Apostles, (a password protected site -because true apostles have something to hide??). (a little side note: Bill Greig III the president of Gospel Light is also listed as an apostle in the ICA -you might want to keep an eye on their Sunday School, VBS curriculum)

Note: to avoid confusing you I should point out the Wagner's International Coalition of Apostles (ICN) and his New Apostolic Roundtable (NAR) are separate organizations, even though some "apostles" are members of both organizations. The ICA site has listed some (most likely not all) of it's members.

Wes, Stacey and David Demian are all on the faculty of Wagner's (absurd) Leadership Institute (Canadian branch in Red Deer). Absurd because you can get credits at this institute for attending any conference at the Toronto Blessing, or New Life Kelowna, etc.

Why would a sensible organization like Alpha mix with the likes of WFTN? Because Alpha itself is no stranger to the Toronto Blessing and it's apostate associates.

Nickey Gumbel is credited with launching the Alpha course. Nicky Gumble is the curate of Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) which is known as the Toronto Blessing (TB) centre for the U.K. (Ellie Mumford went to the TB, picked up the spirit and returned to England and launched HTB into the laughing revival).

Sandy Miller the earlier curate of HTB and spokesperson for Alpha is also an enthusiastic supporter of the TB as was demonstrated in his endorsement "'It's not confined to any one denomination or any one person,' ... 'Quite the reverse. It's happening across the board - free churches, house churches, Church of England, established churches, all over the place'" The 700 Club Fact Sheet, "HOLY LAUGHTER: Bringing Revival To The Church?" as featured on the 700 Club Newswatch, October 27, 1994.
Miller and HTB also endorse the Kansas City Prophets (eg. Miller's endorsement of Mike Bickle's book -Growing in the Prophetic). Alpha advertises for the Word of Faith; God Channel (Alpha News #26, page 26)

Is hosting an Alpha evening really worth all the extra baggage that comes with it? Didn't churches know how to evangelize before Alpha came along? I acknowledge that the dinner evening has it's draw, and if that is what attracts you, better to go with the far superiour Christianity Explored course. which doesn't take a whole weekend to explain the Holy Spirit and only one day to talk about Jesus. (I purchased the CE Church package and am very impressed).

In HIS service, A. Berean

Thursday, March 16, 2006

i) Someone suggested that I use a hotmail account for comments. Seems like a good idea. (Thank you). Email your comments to

A. Berean

Friday, March 10, 2006

5. I expect you have probably heard of C. Peter Wagner (the Church Growth guru out of the infamous Fuller Theological Seminary). What does Wagner have to do with Abbotsford, you might ask? The answer will surprise you, and I hope, disturb you.

(BTW, Please, if you notice that I am failing to adequately establish a point or a connection would you call me on it. I am trying to keep this blog short and concise, but sometimes I may be too brief and fail you in this regard. There is generally no shortage of support material that I could use.)

Wagner has made himself the new pope over the Evangelical Church. (Okay, he calls himself the "Convening Apostle", but in theory and in practice I can hardly see the difference).

Wagner has a plan for your church. He wanted to call his plan "post denominationalism" but it wasn't flying. So, he changed it to "The New Apostolic Reformation". Wagner would tell us that, just like the reformation under Luther in which "salvation by faith" was restored to the Church, this new Reformation will restore to the Church it's apostolic foundation; a foundation of modern day apostles that is. And he has appointed 24 apostles under himself to bring this about.

Instead of Churches being led or governed by their denominations, they will be led by the apostles of their city, in a hierarchical line all the way up to Pope Wagner himself. (scroll to the very end of the article for the list of names)

Two of Wagner's Roundtable apostles are Canadian.

Have you heard of Alistair Petrie of Partnership Ministries out of Kelowna, and Mel Mullen of Word of Life Church in Red Deer.

Perhaps you have been invited to a conference at his Church?

The plan goes something like this;
a) get all the Churches to start getting together in each city, (city-wide prayer or worship gatherings, Alpha initiatives, pastoral retreats, encourage pastors to read Jack Dennison's book, City Reaching...etc.).

b) begin to establish apostles over each city. (Dennison prefers to use the word "elders")

According to the Hope -Vancouver Transformation Lower Mainland minutes to the meeting on October 21, 2002,
those "apostolic" leaders for Abbotsford were Korky Neufeld and Ken Greter. (remember them and their affiliations?)

I am not sure who the "apostolic leaders" are at present, I'm thinking Ken Greter is too busy with Todd Bentley's ministry to give apostolic leadership to Abbotsford. (After being questioned about what they were up to, the Hope -Vancouver pages ceased to be updated, and one chart was pulled off the web so fast that it messed up the formatting for the rest of the page. (A very significant chart, I might add, which I will probably share with you at some point).

Are the new leaders, leading through the ACLN? Or did they just go away?

Read Jack Dennison's article again, for a refresher as to what they're planning for Abbotsford. There is a summary on the Hope - Vancouver page. (City Reaching...)
Read about the paradigm shift that you are to make,

"change from local congregations to a regional Church" ,

"Change from established leadership to emerging leadership".

Which may cause you to ask, "Where exactly are these new leaders going to emerge from'? Well, Dennison says, they "cannot be volunteers who appoint themselves, nor can they be selected, appointed or voted into position by others. Rather, they must come to the forefront through a spiritual process of identification and affirmation of God's call on their lives."

And most of all, "You (pastor) will be expected to submit to the leadership of (these) city-wide elders".

And to bring about this reformation Wagner has appointed two apostles,
Cindy Jacobs his "National Apostle" (the nation being the U.S.)
and his mobilizing apostle (who is also a Roundtable apostle), Chuck Pierce.

Notice on the Hope - Vancouver web page under ministry tools, there is a "prophetic word" Click on it and who do you get a prophetic word from? Chuck Pierce and Cindy Jacobs at Mel Mullen's Church in Red Deer.
Are you beginning to see a connection?

Chuck Pierce and Todd Bentley, Patricia King and David Demian of Watchmen for the Nations were the key speakers at the "Strategic Keys Conference in Vancouver June of 2005.
Another of Wagner's apostles from out of California Che Ahn, often ministers in Todd Bentley's meetings. All this said to give you an example of how stable and discerning these apostles of Wagner's are.

Are you starting to get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach?

In His service, A. Berean

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

4. Korky Neufeld (another leader of the ACLN). I found to be a fairly straightforward fellow, when I asked him for his personal views on the "Toronto Blessing" and on Todd Bentley's ministry. His comments about the Toronto Blessing showed him to be quite supportive of it, and he was quite supportive also of Todd Bentley's ministry, adding that he had even been to a Todd Bentley meeting. He seemed to find no fault with it.
Ask him for yourself.
That was all the information I needed to know that I am not interested in having him in any position of Church leadership, let alone being in leadership over all the Churches of Abbotsford.

Justyn Rees is one of the "mentors" to the ACLN. What is his position on this new form of apostate "Christianity" that is going around? Well, for one he admitted having "visited the Toronto Airport Church several times in the mid '90's".

In a series of email communications, David (last name withheld) inquired about Rees having invited Jack Frost to his Church to minister. (Note: Jack Frost is a supporter of the Toronto Blessing). David commented on Frost's web site, where Frost claims, "Others around me began to laugh or cry, and many fell to the ground under the presence of God. ... in the midst of the ‘holy chaos’ around me. ... I yielded to it, I fell backward and a ministry helper gently lowered me to the floor... I began to laugh and could not stop; ... I laughed and cried alternately for over an hour".

David then asked Rees if any of these things happened at any of the Frost conferences that Rees had attended in the past.

This was Rees' reply
Sept 26, 2004
Hi David,No, I did not see manifestations like that. But if God our Father chose to deal with me like that I would not refuse. Would you?

What kind of a seductive answer is that? Because "God our Father" would not engage people in such a sensual display, of course I would have the wisdom to refuse it.

On October 10th, 2004 in Rees' message at Northview; in talking about how religious people try to stop true worship in Church, Rees went on to tell a most unusual story of how a seven foot tall man named Machine Gun came up to him in a Church he was visiting in Africa and asked him to dance. Rees admits rather hesitatingly dancing with him, and then referred to this as "perfect praise". ????
Justyn then had some children's music playing and encouraged the congregation to move while they worshipped.

Sounds like a little softening up was taking place at Northview, eh?

This man is "mentoring" the ACLN? Is there a little softening up taking place at the ACLN too?

If you have been reading these posts from the bottom of the page up to here, you will have been introduced to five of the men leading the ACLN, as for the other three leaders I haven't taken the time to engage in further research (nothing about them has caught my attention), and I don't find it necessary at this point, I believe there is already enough information on the table to tell us that something smells in the ACLN.

Scroll through the page again and remind yourself, -these men are leading the Churches of Abbotsford. How could this have happened?

In His service, A. Berean

Thanks David for your input.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

3. Mitch Borrows (another leader of the Abbotsford Christian Leaders Network). is currently the pastor of Abbotsford Christian Assembly. (Known by Revenue Canada as Christian Outreach of Canada).

Dave McElhoes (one of the mentors to the ACLN ) and a former pastor of Abbotsford Christian Assembly is an "apostle" in Ministers Fellowship International. The fellowship of Churches that Abbotsford Christian Assembly is a member of.

Ministers Fellowship International was founded and is led by Dick Iverson the restorationist.
Restoration is branch of teaching of the Latter Rain movement.
Restorationists -those who teach that the current Church needs to be led by modern day apostles and prophets. (restorationist =restoring the apostles and prophets).
The Latter Rain movement was declared heretical and rejected by the Assemblies of God, April 20th of 1949. But has managed to resurrect itself and replicate itself, into numerous seemingly benign congregations.

One of the early shapers of the Latter Rain movement was a man named William Branham. Branham was a "healing evangelist" who claimed to get his ability to heal from his angel. He would preach until his angel would show up then he would begin to heal and practice "words of knowledge". He taught that the Gospel was given in three forms the Egyptian pyramids, the signs of the zodiac and the Scriptures. On his tomb stone which he had designed in the shape of a pyramid he has the 7 churches of Revelations superimposed over men's names, (IE. Ephesian -the Apostle Paul, Smyrnia -Iraneaus) and of course the Church of Laodicea with his own name William Branham. He also taught that the Trinity was the "Babylonian Foundation" of the denominations, inherited from Roman Catholicism.

The Latter Rain is such a complex thing to explain that I will lead you to a web site that has a number of teaching links.
After reading through some of the pages flip back to Ministers Fellowship International and see if you don't discern the same theme running through it. (IE. Tabernacle of David, the prophecy to Israel in Isaiah 60:1-5 being replaced by the Church, the godly seed IE. Joel's Army, the Church "establishing God's rule and reign").

Abbotsford Christian Assembly also shows on Revenue Canada under "Qualified Donees" support for Wind Word Ministries (in the amount of 4,600 dollars) which is an affiliated Ministry of Todd Bentley's Fresh Fire Ministries.
In a recent outreach to Mexico with Todd Bentley, Brent Borthwick the founder of Wind Word took numerous photos of "angels" that appeared in their meetings.

Which were available for purchase on a CD for ten dollars. It may be difficult to see but behind Brent Borthwick's shoulder are angels according to him.
But in case you can't discern it Brent has enhanced the photo for us.

What would the "mentor", "apostle" Dave McElhoes want to lead the ACLN into?

Are we sure that Abbotsford Christian Assembly (Mitch Borrows) is discerning enough to take leadership over the Churches of Abbotsford?

In His service, A. Berean

Michael Kerry (a leader in the Abbotsford Christian Leader's Network) is also listed on the Charities listings of Revenue Canada 2004-12-31 as the Treasurer/Administrator for Global Harvest Centre Association of Abbotsford. (Alias, Abbotsford City Fellowship, alias Rhema Faith Centre).

Global Harvest is a dyed in the wool Word of Faith church. Ken Greter (listed as the vice president/pastor in the same Revenue Canada listing) is a graduate of Kenneth Hagin's Rhema Faith Center (Bible Training Center). Hence the choosing of the original name of Rhema Faith Centre for the Abbotsford Church.

Heresies of the late (died Sept. 2003) Kenneth Hagin would include, "The believer is as much an incarnation of God as Jesus Christ. ... If we ever wake up and realize who we are, we'll start doing the work that we're supposed to do. Because the church hasn't realized yet that they are Christ. That's who they are. They are Christ." The Incarnation," The Word of Faith, 12/80

The "apostle" of this church of which ACLN leader Michael Kerry is an administrator (IE. Global Harvest) is currently Todd Bentley a self-professing healer, apostle and prophet. Todd Bentley's web page can be visited at This apostle of Global Harvest preaches many strange teachings, such as astral travelling (for those not familiar with the occult this is the practice of leaving your body and travelling about disembodied). Todd refers to these travels as third Heaven experiences, he recommends setting up booths at farmers markets or the like to give free "spiritual readings" to people, and "dream interpretation" booths, as new forms of evangelism. Check out his pages see if I am exagerating or taking him out of context.

There is much more that could be said about this such as Todd's giving himself a raise of between 30,000 and 90,000 dollars a year between the Charity tax years of 2002 and 2003. (It is difficult to determine more closely what the actual raise was because of the change in reporting that took place). Suffice it to say even a 30,000 dollar raise for a phony faith healer is significant.

Global Harvest is fully supportive of the "Toronto Blessing". (If you are not familiar with the Toronto Blessing perhaps you heard of a Church in Toronto where people were falling on the floor laughing uncontrollably , acting "drunk in the Spirit", barking like dogs, roaring like lions, etc.) Well as a matter of fact John Arnott the pastor of the Toronto Blessing was in meeting with the "apostle" of Global Harvest (Todd Bentley) in Abbotsford in September.

And one of the men behind the Toronto blessing, the man who referred to himself as the "Holy Ghost bartender" because he dispenses the Spirit of God like a bartender dispenses drinks, getting people "drunk in the Spirit", namely Rodney Howard Browne. Was in meeting with Global Harvest's apostle in Abbotsford recently.

It also is home to Charlie Robinson who on Patricia King's program "Extreme Prophetic" was heretical enough to share with the viewing audience how he actually saw the physical Holy Spirit, yes, He walked right up to him while he was washing his hair, if you want to know what he looks like, well, the Holy Spirit, Charlie told us, is a little shorter than himself. (click to listen to 2005 program 3 Heavenly Beings).

UPDATE: Extreme Prophetic has made this episode unavailable. I had previously downloaded a copy of the episode, so if anyone knows how to go about launching a copy of it back onto the internet please contact me at .

If Michael Kerry lacks discernment so badly as to be involved in the administration of such a bizzare and heretical Church as Global Harvest, what is he doing leading in the Abbotsford Christian Leader's Network.

God's Word commands us to mark and avoid those who teach contrary doctrine. (Rom. 16:17)
We are not even to show them common Christian courtesy, (2 John 1:10)
Certainly we are therefore not to put them in positions of leadership over ourselves.

Where might such leaders be interested in leading us?

A. Berean

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